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Irene Pascoe's SHADOW OVER BRIGHT STAR is filled with dangerous surprises.

Danger is lurking around every corner in Irene Pascoe's latest gothic romance from Wings Press, SHADOW OVER BRIGHT STAR. The storyline moves along at a nice clip between Jessica's growing attraction to Derek and her expanding interest in the business end of her inheritance. As Jessica falls prey to one accident after another, tensions mount. All of the Bonners have reason to want Jessica out of the picture. Could one or all of them want her gone bad enough to attempt to kill her?

Pascoe does a wonderful job of placing suspicion on all the Bonners while making them all equally likeable. What this reader found most interesting was that Jessica's character was intelligent and able to understand the ins and outs of running a mining business. For the time period that this story took place, a strong female with a head for business would have been quite the oddity and this reader was pleased that all the Bonner men at one time or another remarked on that oddity.

Irene Pascoe's SHADOW OVER BRIGHT STAR is a gothic romance with many twists and turns. Readers that enjoy a strong female lead with their mystery are certain to enjoy Pascoe's latest release from Wings Press, SHADOW OVER BRIGHT STAR.

Reviewed by Tammy
May 2005

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The Curse of Belle Haven

Irene Pascoe


Available from Wings ePress

ISBN: 1-59088-466-3

December 2005


Alexandra Chandler is returning to America after her stepsister's death. She had been in France studying fashion design in hopes of opening her own salon when she heard of Charlotte's death. She had already planned to visit Charlotte because she had given birth to a baby boy. Never did she imagine that she would be coming back to settle her estate. She was also concerned to find out about how Charlotte had died. Mathew, Charlotte's husband had written saying that there had been an accident but he did not give any details. Alexandra knew that they had been having problems in their marriage and that Charlotte was in love with someone else. When she arrives at Belle Haven she senses she is not welcomed. Matthew, his brother Tyler, and his sister-in-law are keeping secrets. She finds herself drawn to the handsome Matthew and knows this attraction is mutual. Yet he continues to act as if she is intruding in his life and watches her every move. This just makes Alexander more determined to discover the truth behind all the secrets at Belle Haven.

The Curse of Belle Haven the title may come from the home in the story being named Belle Haven and all the unfortunate and mysterious things that happen. This imaginative tale written by Irene Pascoe is filled with suspense and intrigue. The plot of the story is getting to the bottom of all the secrets and discovering the truth behind Charlotte's death. This is concluded in such a way as to take the reader by surprise. The characters are fully developed in physical description as well as personality. Alexandra has worked hard for her career. Yet she takes her responsibilities to her family seriously. Matthew is a person that cares for and protects the unfortunate. It is hard to imagine he may be behind any wrong doings. Yet you wonder how far he would go to help someone. The dialogue is well written in a logical manner. It conveys the thoughts and attitudes of the characters and is easily followed. The emotions behind the story are felt, especially as Alexandra becomes closer to Matthew. She wants to love him but he keeps secrets from her. She begins to care for the family but they do not tell her what is going on and she feels excluded and unwanted. As Matthew and Alexander become passionate, Alexandra is unsure if Matthew is just using her. She feels he may even be using their relationship as a distraction. You can imagine the hurt this character feels. The passion between these two characters burn up the pages. The Curse of Belle Haven is brilliant and innovating story filled with passion and intrigue.


Overall rating:

Sensuality rating: Very sensual


Reviewer: Anita

May 26, 2006




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