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Irene Pascoe ~ Romance Novelist
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He was handsome, independent, and proud. So was she, but she held the mortage to his beloved ranch. A classic love story with all the confusion and mixed signals of a good gothic romance plus an overlay of satisfying sex. A great read. "Shadows". --  F. Jacquelyn Hallquist, Evil Wears a Bonny Smile, The Crystal Key.





SHADOWS captures you and refuses to let you go until the very end! Author Irene Pascoe skillfully weaves some magic where the mystery keeps you guessing until the very last page. SHADOWS is the perfect blend of a gothic romance and I would recommend it to any reader who craves romance and suspense intertwined. 

-- Joanna Challis, SILVERTHORN







"An intriguing tale of suspense with an assortment of interesting characters played against a background of captivating descriptions eliminates the possibilities of discovering the villain until the end of the tale."
Allison Knight
The Secrets Of Hanson Hall
The Bride Of Owl's Head




Shadows reviewed by Shari Brennana

  Shadows by Irene Pascoe   Stars Image
Romance - Historical
ISBN: 1586970010
Publisher: Starlight Writer Publications
Distribution: E-Book Diskette

Tori Kendall is devastated. Both her brother and finance are dead and she has 
                                    just discovered her bother's lies! He had a disreputable business and has left 
                                    them virtually penniless. How can she face this scandal and take care of her 
                                    teenaged niece? Although Tori is only ten months away from 21, she and her 
                                    niece will fall under the care of a guardian. Tori decides to take advantage of 
                                    her guardians' offer to live at their family home in Sacramento, California to 
                                    escape the scandal in New Orleans. Both young women pray that the scandal will 
                                    not travel that far. However, all hope is not lost. It turns out that their 
                                    guardian's son, Morgan, took a substantial loan from their brother. When he 
                                    pays it off, they will be able to start a new life. 
                                    When they arrive they discover that their guardian is confined to his bed due 
                                    to illness. His son Morgan is running the estate. Morgan is very attractive and 
                                    catches the eye of both Tori and her niece Leanza. However, Morgan's Aunt 
                                    Rachael has other plans for him. She wants him to marry the beautiful neighbor, 
                                    Catherine. Now add Zane to the mix. He is Rachel's son and he has big 
                                    With such intense feelings rising, mysterious "accidents" seem to occur to 
                                    Tori. However, who could possibly wish her harm? Could it be her very jealous 
                                    niece? Could it be Aunt Rachel? Could it be Catherine? Could it be Zane or even 
                                    Irene Pascoe's characters are wonderfully developed and intriguing. You keep 
                                    guessing who or if Tori will love and who might me trying to hurt her. Your 
                                    heart goes out to Tori as she tries to deal with the loss of her fiancé and the 
                                    possibility of new feelings. 
                                    Pasoce seamlessly weaves in historical facts that add even more charm to the 
                                    story. These historical notes take you out to the late 1880s California farm 
                                    fields and emerging cities. The reader effortlessly pictures the beautiful 
                                    dresses and landscapes that makes up Tori's world. You will definitely keep 
                                    turning pages as you eagerly wait to discover Tori's fate.
Copyright © 2000 Shari Brennan All Rights Reserved.

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