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Irene Pascoe ~ Romance Novelist
Reviews-High Cliff Manor
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Reviews-High Cliff Manor
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Silent passions and untold truths of love and hate mold each and every page of The Lord of High Cliff Manor by Irene Pascoe. The heroine Jennifer Shanley is portrayed in a sweet but firm manor unlike most women of 1882. Her strength and courage carry the story from grim corner to corner. Mark Kennecott will entangle your senses and keep you guessing at every turn. Does he have something to hide? I thought the story was sweet and wholesome with an ending that took me by surprise. Just when you think you know who the culprit is, you turn the page and find another suspect. Ms. Pascoe has done a wonderful job of keeping the secret of the Dolphin until the very last moment. The Lord of High Cliff Manor is a wonderfully sweet romance everyone can enjoy.

Reviewed by: Sadie
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